Sex and The City 2 Review

Posted on 30 May 2010
By Toni Garden
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The testosterone-fuelled film nerds at Total film have described SATC 2 as “disposable, glitzy fun (that is) a giddy, silly hoot best enjoyed in tipsy groups.”

Any woman would be inclined to stand up for her sisters and sing loud and proud “I am woman” as fifty something man eater Samantha demonstrates on Karaoke half way through the flick.

Yes, Karaoke. Really.

But there is something about the NYC ‘girls’ latest offering that begs the question: is this really female empowerment on an unlimited budget or the final death rattle for mutton dressed as glam?

We join the ladies two years on and true to form our ladies have moved forward with their lives and have a whole new set of problems to contend with; Stepford Jew, Charlotte (Kristen Davies) is coming to grips with family life and finding herself struggling to juggle two children under 5, a hot nanny that lacks , a husband and find the time to make home made cupcakes.

Power player, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) finally cracks under all the misogyny of the lawyer’s office and quits her job to take up something a little less time consuming and undergoes a labotomy making her devoid of the sarcastic, sharp tongued wit that we know and love.

Samantha (Kim Cattrell) finally admits her real age and all the hormone replacement tablets that come with it; and Carrie(Sarah Jessica Parker) gets the two year itch and never being satisfied with what she has longs for single days gone by (After all the drama in the last film to get Mr Big to marry her. Typical woman).

You know what these poor women (not literally, there is no place for recession in this sequel) need? An all expenses paid holiday to the Über fabulous jewel of the Middle East, Abu Dhabi. Of course.

Throw in the gayest of gay weddings imaginable, flashbacks to the 80s with our girls coming to NYC dressed as their stereotypes circa 1986 (with a great outfit from Samantha who looks like she taught Cycle Sluts all they know) cameo’s from Miley Cyrus and Penelope Cruise and a romper stomper cover of ‘All the Single Ladies’ which must have been shot over a few days with an oxygen tank on stand by for the Queen of camp, Liza Minnelli.

It’s safe to say if you didn’t have an effeminate disposition before you may have an extra ovary by the time you leave the cinema.

Although the sweet geek boys may not be able to grasp why women enjoy the SATC franchise, they have hit the nail on the head with their summary; this is a film for women looking to escape for two and a half hours.

With more double entendres than a Carry On and a closet so outrageous it makes Elton John look like Margaret Thatcher, SATC2 may not retain the relatable charm that the series had but if taken with a pinch of salt will be an enjoyable plunge of fantasy for any fan of the franchise.

Sex and The City 2 is now showing at FACT