Sam Taylor-Wood talks candidly about Aaron Johnson and Lennon bio-pic Nowhere Boy

Posted on 1 January 2010
By Angela Johnson
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Already set to be a smash hit, Nowhere Boy went on general release in cinemas worldwide on Boxing Day.

The first ever feature length film about John Lennon’s early life, Sam Taylor-Wood confessed it was “difficult” as writer Matt Greenhalgh attempted to find the “truth” of John’s story.

She said: “Matt Greenhalgh wrote this story, he went through various biographies to do so.

“The basis of his script was on a book by Julia Baird, John Lennon’s half-sister. That was his starting point.

“Matt trawled through biography after biography and gathered as much information as he could.

“In the end he decided he had to sort of shut-off because there were so many conflicting stories.

“The rivalry over John Lennon between his mother and his aunt is a focal point.

“How much of it is true is difficult to answer, without being there in person. There are different versions of the truth.

“I’m sure if Mimi was here today she would have one version, and Julia would have another. As much as possible it’s pretty close.

Sam Taylor-Wood discusses the challenges she faced during her first time in the director’s chair.

“I went into this project fairly naively. I read the script, had such a strong reaction and decided to do it.

“As I spent a lot of time in Liverpool, walking round the city, the magnitude of the subject matter dawned on me.

“There were several times I thought it was too big for me to handle. But I just had to take a step back and go back to the grass roots level.

“The story is set in the time just before The Beatles go off to Hamburg.

“It’s very much focused on John Lennon.

“The Beatles aren’t even mentioned in the film.

“I really enjoyed making it, and loved collaborating with so many different

“It really fed my mind and creativity.”

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