Robocop Paul Verhoeven remake has fans feeling nervous

Posted on 13 January 2014
By Ina Fjeldstad
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The anticipated remake of Paul Verhoeven`s Robocop hits the big screen next month and whilst some cinema goers are counting down the days, others are a bit more nervous.

This is because many classic movies become as well loved as children, and tampering with a classic, be it The Italian Job, Get Carter or Oldboy – often just feels wrong.

Both love making and film making can lead to creating babies and the movie baby means a great deal to both its creators and the fans.

Judging by the usual feedback from critics on many of recent remakes, this is not always taken into consideration.

At Comic-Con 2013, director José Padilha (Elite squad: The enemy within), said he was not remaking Robocop, as he would be setting himself up for failure, because he believed it to be too good of a movie.

He explained that instead he is taking the concept of Robocop and exploring its “underlying philosophical ideas”.

Time will tell which approach this year’s directors will have to their versions of old films, but here are the other announced remakes of 2014:

About Last night (1986)
Originally directed by: Edward Zwicks
New director: Steve Pink
Release date in the UK: 21st of mach

Endless Love (1981)
Originally directed by: Franco Zeffirelli
New director: Shana Feste
Release date in the UK: Not announced

The Loft (2008)
Original title: Loft
Director Erik Van Looy remakes his own film in English
Release date in the UK: Not announced

Annie (1982)
Originally directed by: John Huston
New director: Will Gluck
Release date in the UK: 13 January 2015

Hopefully one of these will sweep the audience off of their feet (seat) and even fans of the original movies will find love and walk away safe in the knowledge that ‘it was not only for the one night.’