Reviewing Marvel’s latest edition to the X-Men franchise. Here’s Logan.

Posted on 2 March 2017
By Connor Moore
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Wow. That’s all I could think as the credits rolled for Logan, the final film in the Wolverine trilogy and Hugh Jackman’s swan song as the three-clawed superhero.

Jackman, along with the supporting cast, are incredible in all their respective roles with the surprise addition of X-23, a clone of the Wolverine character, played by Dafne Keen who’s performance knocked up the suspense and was a very welcome edition to the X-men universe and an incredible performance for an actress at her age of 12.

The story, which is loosely based on the old man Logan comic book, finds Logan in the year 2029 where all other mutants are seemingly extinct and where a much older and broken Logan takes care of an ageing and increasingly unstable Professor X (Patrick Stewart) along with Callaban (Steven Merchant), a lesser known mutant who helps the ageing heroes with trying to lay low and keep a low profile during the first act of the movie.

All of this unsteady calmness is abruptly disturbed as soon as X-23 comes into Logan’s life and not long after they are ruthlessly pursued by a group known as the reavers lead by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) which leads to some awe inspiring action scenes.

This emotional finale to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine isn’t like any other X-men film that’s preceded it as it is full of twists and turns and is certainly the most emotionally driven X-men film if not the most emotionally driven superhero film ever.

This is a film that falls among the ranks of the Dark Knight and Spider-Man 2 as a superhero classic and a must see as it is by far my favourite movie in the X-Men universe and it’s with great sadness that we have to collectively wave goodbye to Jackman’s iconic portrayal of the character.

Rating: 5/5