Review: Disney’s Moana

Posted on 12 December 2016
By Lauren Evans
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Female empowerment has truly taken over the Disney image in the latest blockbuster hit and Polynesian proud adventure, ‘Moana’.

The developed storyline emphasises the most original and evolved princess through her longing to sail the great ocean and save her precious island, since the heart of Te Fiti was stolen by the incredibly hilarious Demi-God, Maui. Voiced by Hollywood star Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson, Maui is a shapeshifter and troublemaker who gets roped into saving the daring teenager’s world since he is trying to save his reputation as “hero to all”.

Obviously the story wouldn’t be complete without bold, bravery and mischievous masterminds who want to capture the heart of Te Fiti for their own selfish desires. I’ll warn you, cartoon coconuts aren’t as cute as they seem.

Tony award winning ‘Hamilton’ musical creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is one of the people responsible for the most rhythmic and loveable soundtracks of the year. Or even the decade. ‘Moana’ is brought to life by the Polynesian music that moulds the movie as a musical fit for any audience. The score is just as perfect as the songs.

16-year-old Hawaiian actress, Auli’i Cravalho, really did land the role of her life in portraying Disney’s Moana. Her humbleness is tear-jerking in the video that took over the internet of her receiving the news by Disney directors, who say: “We want you to be the voice of Moana”. This reflects the song “I Am Moana” in the film’s soundtrack, which is just stunning and emphasises Auli’i Cravalho’s welcomed place in the Disney community.

The best way to be able to decide your opinion on a new movie is to think of whether you’d pay to see it 3 times within its debut week. Yeah, you heard right, three times. ‘Moana’ is worth that and more, as its Box Office earned over $190 billion.

The year has ended brilliantly in the company of Moana and her fellow familial characters. Walt Disney Co, you have succeeded yet again.