Redmayne is astounding in The Theory of Everything

Posted on 13 January 2015
By Molly Wheeldon
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Following the outstanding 10 BAFTA Nominations for James Marshes The Theory of Everything; with nominations for Best Film, Outstanding British Film, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director among many, it was important to see what all the fuss was about.

The film will leave you completely consumed with inspiration and sadness days after.

For people who only know Stephen Hawking as the scientist in the wheelchair, The Theory of Everything is a heart-breaking, inspiring and humorous insight into the life of the man before the wheelchair; showing the brilliant Stephen Hawking as a young man simply living his life like any other university student in the 60s, whilst battling a life-changing disease.

BAFTA nominated Eddie Redmayne deserves all the praise he receives and more, as he carries his striking performance with such emotion, humour and bravery, that Hawking thought he was watching himself at some points in the film.

Redmayne’s attention to detail is out of this world and quite literally, unbelievable.

His phenomenal performance proves that the British actor was put on this world for a purpose.

Redmayne has commented on the film as being a “passion project”.

You cannot fault the attention and commitment that has been put into this touching story.

To accompany Redymane, we have the astoundingly beautiful Felicity Jones portraying Hawking’s first wife, Jane Wilde.

Jones is fantastic and fearless, embodying a woman exhausted with hope. She battles with her love and loyalty to Hawking, while struggling with her feelings for the man who becomes a helping hand for her and her husband.

Marshes’ faultless creation will have you laughing one minute, with Redmayne’s charm and delight; and will have you reaching for the tissues only a moment later, watching Hawking try and cope with the side effects of his illness.

It is a tragic and uplifting tale: a story of a life that has surpassed all physical and scientific expectations.

As the tagline says, “His mind changed our world. Her love changed his.”

And that’s just it.

Marsh, Redmayne, Jones and the countless other incredibly talented actors and crew members working on this film have made The Theory of Everything a masterpiece: a love-story that is far too important for anyone to miss.