Netflix’s Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics Review – Opening the Discussion of Helpful Hallucinogenics

Posted on 11 May 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Filled with trippy, kaleidoscopic imagery, out of this world animation, and stories from some of the most well known actors, musicians, and comedians to have graced Hollywood, Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics is a must watch for anyone who has ever had experience with, had questions about, or just wondered, what a psychedelic experience is like. Animation mixed into the live interviews, as well as visual, and audio effects, watching this is the closest you’ll get to knowing what its like to trip, without actually doing it yourself.

As is always important while honestly discussing drug use, both good, and bad trips are discussed, with Nick Offerman popping up as a mad scientist to further educate us on what ‘stuff’ you can trip on, the good old ‘this egg is your brain’, and a comedic account of what happens in your head while tripping. Just in case you need more education from a documentary, there are also regular ’The More You Trip’ tips, such as don’t drive, don’t look in the mirror, and the controversial do look in a mirror.

From Sarah Silverman sharing hilarious trips she had with comedians, Sting remembering important rituals he was able to be a part of, Nick Kroll admitting to covering himself with Kelp, and Ben Stiller having to phone his dad for comfort while tripping, the stories shared in this documentary may be some of the funniest, wildest, and most honest tales celebrities have ever shared.

We even get some fantastic spoof vintage anti-drug adds, video tape grain, and dodgy colour grading all making it even funnier. There is a point to it though, they’re pointing out how unrealistic, and overly dramatised drug ‘reenactment’ and ‘awareness’ adds can be.

Interviews with the late Carrie Fisher offer a new insight, both into her life, but also into addiction, and how different drugs play into addiction differently. As always from the late actress though, her interviews are funny, smart, and she tells stories in a way that entirely entrap and entertain. Who doesn’t want to hear Carrie Fisher reminisce about going on stage with The Grateful Dead, and falling asleep in front of the speakers?

It’s also hugely interesting hearing the difference in experience between say A$AP Rocky, who tries out psychedelics for fun in the 2010’s, and someone like Donovan who experienced the rise of psychedelics in the 60’s.

Most importantly though, for a documentary focusing on drugs that can permanently change people, the celebrities involved share the pros and cons of psychedelics. Honesty around drugs needs to involve the positive, and negative, sides of what the drugs involved can do, and by being up front about the negatives, the overall positive, long lasting, experiences people have had with psychedelics can be further explored, understood, and recreated.

Many people have overwhelmingly good experiences from psychedelics, and for some those experiences can permanently change their outlook and perspective on the world. Having celebrities that are looked up to and admired, admitting that psychedelics can be amazing, but are not for everyone, offering advice on how to responsibly, and safely have experience on things like LSD is a vital part of the discussion involving drugs, hallucinogenic or otherwise, that has been largely missing until now.

Education, Hilarious, and offering a unique insight, this documentary is a great watch to learn more about what its like to trip, gain further insight into trips you have had, or to just enjoy some well loved celebrities divulge their experiences.