I Feel Pretty – A good idea that doesn’t completely hit the mark

Posted on 20 May 2018
By Roisin Gordon
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I Feel Pretty has an interesting and fun-sounding premise that could create some funny situations, and with the likes of Amy Schumer and Michelle Williams being involved, it sounds like it would be an entertaining film to watch.

Despite the film’s good intentions to deliver an empowering message about self-confidence, as well as a nice performance from Schumer, you can’t help but feel let down by the end result.

The story follows Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer), who struggles with insecurity and low-self esteem, and wishes that she had a beautiful model-like physique as well as the confidence to be more assertive.

After falling and suffering a head injury during a SoulCycle class, Renee wakes up and believes that she has become beautiful supermodel, despite the fact that she still looks the same as she has always done.

Renee’s “new look” gives her a huge boost of self-confidence, and she starts to live her life to the fullest. This includes her beginning a new romance with nice guy Ethan (Rory Scovel), and making her way up the job ladder at a major cosmetics company run by Avery LeClaire (Michelle Williams).

There have been many comedy films that have used the plot of a character undergoing a huge transformation, but unlike this film, the protagonist is only under the impression that they have changed, which could have for some great comedy.

Most of the reactions to Renee’s “transformation” are pretty funny, especially seeing how the newly confident Renee believes that everyone around her is turning their heads because they are impressed by her “new appearance”, when in reality they are confused.

One moment shows Renee entering a bikini-model contest, where the audience is initially confused as she looks different to the other models, but they soon find themselves going wild for her antics.

Renee’s obliviousness to the audience’s initial reaction, as well as her fearless on-stage antics, makes it hilarious to watch.

The message of this film is to love yourself and not letting your insecurities prevent you from pursuing things, which is a great message to aim at women and you can tell that it’s heart was in the right place.

However the film isn’t always consistent about its message, especially when it comes to the main characters views on beauty and body-image.

For instance, when the film progresses we see Renee develop an increasing narcissistic attitude, over what should be the perfect body and look, which makes her become really mean- spirited.

Understandably a character should have faults which helps us as an audience member to relate to them, but some of her traits make her seem so unlikeable to watch, that you can’t relate to the character at this point.

Amy Schumer does a good job of showcasing her usual comedic talents to her role, yet brings a great amount of sincerity that allows you to relate to Renee and her inner-struggles.

Although Schumer performs the timid and awkward side to her fine enough, she is at her most entertaining when her character becomes assertive and outgoing.

Michelle Williams was surprisingly funny in this film, where her character feels like a parody of the air headed but sweet model stereotype. Although the character is a little one-dimensional and at times her high pitched voice can be rather annoying, Williams does a decent enough job with the role.

I Feel Pretty has good intentions and some funny moments, but overall the story just falls flat.

Purple Revolver Rating: 3/5- not so pretty