Game of Thrones – episode 9 season 2 ‘Blackwater’ review

Posted on 29 May 2012
By Matt Barden
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After building and building, the epic Battle of Blackwater took place at King’s Landing between Stannis’ army and the Lannister’s forces.

Written by George R Martin himself, Blackwater focused solely on one storyline and the tension created from not jumping around the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros as we’ve become accustomed to benefited the episode.

But it was Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Cersei (Lena Headey) who stole the show, with the midget Hand finding the courage to lead his troops into battle and his sister steadily drinking with the court’s women and telling Sansa some home truths while battle raged outside.

And the battle was what most fans had been eagerly waiting for.

Fiiled with exploding fleets, burning soldiers and enough guts and gore to make up for the rest of the season.

However it was Cersei’s scene sat on the Iron Throne with younger son Tommen, where the Queen planned to poision them both in order to save themselves from Stannis, that proved the most tear-jerking and sickening.

But while some characters found the strength to do the unimaginable, others weaknesses were revealed.

Most notably the Hound, the self-confessed killer, told King Joffrey, ‘Fuck the King’s Guard. Fuck the city. Fuck the King,’ as his fear of fire became apparent during heated battle and he handed in his notice to head North.

The battle seemed be going Stannis’ way. His fleet mostly destroyed, he led his remaining men in an attack on King’s Landing.

Taking on Tyrion’s suicidal charge at the gates, he came within inches of sacking the kingdom, but the final moments showed Tywin Lannister ride into the battle, full army in tow, and save the day and his family from losing their heads.

Directed by Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers) episode 9 showed how good the show, and indeed televison, can be.