Four Lions DVD review

Posted on 3 September 2010
By Toni Garden
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Set further from the wilderness of the training camps portrayed on the news, Four Lions follows the farce of wannabe suicide bombers from Sheffield and their attempt to strike a blow in the heart of London for Muslims everywhere.

Saying the film will try and do for Islamic terrorism what Dad’s Army did for the Nazis, Chris Morris has skilfully created a debut feature film that does what British comedy does best and shows the bad guys up for what they really are; “scary, but also ridiculous”.

The DVD extras include background materials of interviews Morris undertook while researching the film including a documentary aptly named ‘Lost Boys’ follows the lives of Muslim youths up and down the UK.

The Puffin Party lead us behind the scenes showing Morris working through rain and shine to create comedy gold. Interviews with the cast at the Bradford Film Festival reveal tales of working on such a controversial subject matter and Kayvan Novak proves he really is as funny as you thought with some excellent impressions of his director.

One of the most interesting extras on the DVD is an interview with Mohammed Ali Ahmad, leaving the comedy to one side Ahmad talks candidly and seriously about his arrest under the Terrorism Act in 2008, and his lengthy time in prison.