Forgotten favourites – Mallrats

Posted on 5 November 2020
By Dana Andersen
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With all things 90’s hitting the main stage once again, Mallrats is not as forgotten as it once was, but its still a movie everyone seems to be aware of without having watched.

The truth of it though, is that its a fantastically well made piece of cinema, that should be much more recognised today than it is.

For one, theres an unexpectedly brilliant cast, including of course Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, but also Shannon Dougherty and Ben Affleck, not to mention a cameo from Stan Lee, every Marvel fans favourite man.

Each character comes across as genuine, every joke they make feels natural, and even the weirdest, most bizarre characters feel like they totally belong in that world, and even more surprisingly, they feel like they could somehow exist out there somewhere.

More than that though, its such a genuinely fun film. Everyone remembers those years of their teenage and young adult lives that were spent hanging out with friends wherever they could, and plenty have the especially relatable memories of hanging out in shopping malls, allowing it to induce some great bouts of serotonin inducing nostalgia.

It doesn’t have a plot that requires constant attention, there isn’t some big twist to make the movie worth while, its a movie that stands as what it is and nothing more, which is a hilarious snap shot into the lives of a few of Americas otherwise forgotten mall rats of the 90’s.

Sure its also uplifting, goofy, and very much of its time, but they all act as the seasonings to make the main meat of the movie that bit more appetising, and should have made it all the more memorable.

All movies fall out of the general publics scope at some point, but Mallrats is one that should have stuck about at least a little longer.

It’s a movie with heart, something often lacking now that we’re seeing constant remakes and sequels, its own very unique charm that stems largely from the writing and actors, and at the very least, you leave your viewing experience with a smile.

Mallrats isn’t a movie thats about to change your life, but it might just make you appreciate the mundanity of life that little bit more.