Forgotten favourites – Evolution

Posted on 23 November 2020
By Dana Andersen
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For any X-Files fans that miss seeing new adventures focusing around Fox Mulder searching for aliens, Evolution has got your back.

Released in 2001, no movie has managed to embody the same tension, comedy, and alien invasion cheesiness since.

With extra terrestrial icon David Duchovny starring as the front man, and Julianne Moore as his red headed side kick, it feels like it has a certain familiarity, until you get to the fart jokes and shoplifter being carried by a pterodactyl.

It may not be a perfect movie, but it has that classic 00’s lack of self awareness, where they have a plot that barely works, actors no one would expect to have any chemistry and only a vague idea of what they actually want the movie to be, and it pulls together to create something thats fun, memorable, and nostalgic.

Even for those who aren’t usually a fan of sci-fi have to admit Evolution takes a different view on the alien invasion trope, and it may not exactly be a better view, but its at least interesting and, at the time, new.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the film is the design of the sets and aliens.

The crash site for example, with its purple and blue hues and plenty of fog, is a very classic take on how we assume alien planets may look, where as the aliens have a more reptilian point of inspiration, which is mangled to resemble poorly designed children’s toys.

All of it works together to create a film that’s entertaining, interesting and at some points really, genuinely, laugh out loud funny.

Theres something about it that draws the audience in and leaves them watching the credits roll by feeling good.

Its not a masterpiece, but its certainly a favourite of many who experienced it as their first sci-fi movie, and while most of humanity is in need of a good laugh, its not a movie that deserves to be forgotten.