Five of the greatest spooky films

Posted on 31 October 2015
By Carlton Whitfield
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Whether you’re an adult or a child, Halloween is a special time of year. Kids go trick or treating and are given candy, sweets and money for their efforts of dressing up, while adults enjoy carving pumpkins or providing a celebratory, holiday meal for the family to enjoy.

While Halloween isn’t the most family-orientated time of the year, many families get together for an evening of entertainment and watch Halloween-related movies. Although some of the following may not be what you’d call ‘family friendly’, they are certainly among the top-rated Halloween films of all time. Here are just a few of our favourite spooky movies!

The Conjuring

Do NOT let your children watch this movie. One of the scariest films released this decade, The Conjuring is horrifying and will keep viewers on the edge of their seat. Ultimately, the plot line is sensational and verges on a tangent from the stereotypical horror movie storyline. It’s rather jumpy and there are plenty of characters who arrive in the film and leave, which only adds to the suspense of the movie. It’s an excellent movie to watch with your loved ones but make sure you cuddle up close or the evil spectral menace may get you. One of director James Wan’s finest movies.

Scary Movie

The Scary Movie series is one of the most unique concepts of horror to reach the cinema screens. While most traditional horrors focus on the scary, soul-tingling scenes, Scary Movie combines comedy with horror to keep the viewer both on edge and entertained. There are now five Scary Movie films so if you’d much rather watch those as a complete series, it is well worth doing. You can have a laugh and feel the horror at times, although you will find it a lot funnier than you do scary – that’s almost a guarantee!


As with The Conjuring, Insidious is another new-brand horror movie that is continuing to exploit the new features to scare viewers. Whether it’s surround sound features or special effects, the production team in Insidious do a fantastic job of keeping viewers hooked from the outset. In the scariest scene in the film, you see a psychic make an incredible, horrific reading as she discovers the monster that is controlling a little boy. Simply put, medium readings focus on connecting deceased loved ones and family members to the real world. You can read up on spiritual mediums at TheCircle, which can give you an insight as to just how detailed and descriptive these psychics can portray information. Another film directed by James Wan, another classic horror movie to add to the growing collection.


Something a little more family-friendly, Casper is an entertaining, Halloween-related film that the whole family can enjoy without too many nightmares. Casper teaches viewers how ghosts can be kind and caring towards humans and aren’t always here to haunt people. Although there are ghost characters in the film that may cause viewers a few disturbing moments, Casper is a soothing, relaxing figure that helps to show viewers that ghosts can guide and advise rather than simply haunt those that they come into contact with.