Dumb and Dumber To – worth a watch?

Posted on 30 December 2014
By George Heron
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Jim Carrey is one of the best comic actors on the planet right now.

Unfortunately, he has tried to branch out with a variety of serious roles instead of sticking to what he does best. His last decent comedy of note was Yes Man back in 2008.

Could bringing back one of his most celebrated franchises rekindle past comic glories with Dumb and Dumber To?

It’s been 20 years since the last Dumb and Dumber and this is incorporated into the start.

Lloyd (Carrey) has been in a catatonic state for the duration, living in a hospital for mental illness since being jilted by Lauren Holly’s Miss Samsonite. His best friend, Harry (Geoff Daniels) has been visiting him all that time only to find out it was a prank by Lloyd. He was never catatonic at all. Tee Hee.

I wonder if it took the Farrelly brothers 20 years to come up with this gag or if they thought of this straight after making the first one?

With that in mind, it must be said that this feels like a very dated comedy. And we’re talking dark ages here.

Instead of concentrating on getting as much comedy from the fact that the two protagonists are dumb as fook, they have decided to make the two main characters racist, sexist, and ageist.

Yes, Farrellys, that is dumb but people of limited intellect don’t necessarily have to be bigots. Anchorman 2 went down this road too and it didn’t work so why are copy them?

There are a couple of jokes involving a certain fictional British Spy and about a method of giving birth that are very amusing. We’ll let them have that.

The latter joke calling normal childbirth “Au Snatchurelle” was hysterical until tears of laughter streamed. We’re spoiling this for you because other than that, you don’t need to see this film.

Awkward comedy has its place in the world of multimedia and is done much better in shows like Alan Partridge, Curb Your Enthusiasm and even The Office. You don’t have to plumb the depths of decency to pull it off.

Carrey shows flashes of the amazing comic timing and physical comedy that tickled the funny bones of millions. The chemistry and banter with Daniels does help make the movie slightly more palatable.

The film loses any momentum it had when it gets to a science convention. Two idiots going to a convention full of mass intellects. The juxtaposition was bound to create lots of opportunities for humor yes? *insert sound effect for wrong answer on family fortunes*

That gag in the previous paragraph was better than most of what is on display in DADT. And that was crap too.

Here’s what you need to do: wait until it comes out to buy but don’t buy it. On that date, search on YouTube for the term “Au Snatchurelle”, someone is bound to have put it on there. It’s the only part worth seeing.