Delivery Man review – Vince Vaughn stars in another predictable comedy

Posted on 25 January 2014
By Amy Clarke
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Vince Vaughn stars in the remake of the successful 2011 indie comedy Starbuck. Deliveryman is Written and Directed by the same man Ken Scott and is almost a shot by shot copy of the original film.

David (Vaughn) is informed that he is the father of 533 kids after a mistake was made in a fertility clinic 20 years ago. David chooses to stalk some of his sperm donor kids to see how they have turned out as adults.

The film tries too hard to be sentimental. There is a sub plot of David’s girlfriend (Cobie Smulders) becoming pregnant. His girlfriend will only let him into the child’s life if he can prove he is a responsible adult.

The meeting of each of his sperm donor kids is set up all too perfectly to teach David to grow up and become responsible. One is an aspiring actor, another a heroin addict, another disabled.

Often boring the film is a mash up of predictable situations. A cheap American comedy that sits in the same category as a bad Adam Sandler film. Chris Pratt stars as David’s best friend whose deadpan comedy is the best thing throughout the film helping it move along towards its end, if not fast enough.

There are simply not enough laughs in The Deliveryman, A cheaply made comedy about an unlikeable guy growing up, leaning more and somehow managing to become even less likable than he was in the first place.