Critics’ Choice: The Best Australian Gambling Movies

Posted on 27 June 2021
By Carlton Whitfield
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Often people are inspired by well-shot films that show ordinary life in a more colourful way, where everyone could feel freer and, of course, happier.

Films inspire us to travel, adopt new experiences, diluting the daily routine with this. Especially interesting are those films where the main characters take risks, take unusual steps and do something that an ordinary person in his life could hardly have done with ease.

That is why thrillers or films where the main characters are fond of gambling in land-based or online casinos like CasinoChan are so popular. Here is a list of some of the best Australian casino movies for anyone interested in any kind of gambling:

Winner (1996)

Philip, suffering from severe depression, entered the casino and won. It happened on Sunday, and since then he has played and has consistently won only on Sundays. He never bet more than a thousand but spent and distributed money. The prostitute Lisa, who owed 50 thousand dollars, decided to take advantage of the guy in order not only to pay off the tough guys but also to get rich together with her pimp.
Oscar and Lucinda (1997)

Fate brought two completely different people together at the card table, who are united by one great passion – gambling. The young priest Oscar gambles to win, which he then spends on charity. He was born and raised in a strict family from a religious community, therefore his further path of serving the Almighty was predetermined. Lucinda was born and raised in a wealthy Australian family, and after the death of her parents, the girl became the heiress of a large fortune. A brave, strong-willed, beautiful girl loves products made of fragile glass, therefore she became the owner of a glass factory.

Oscar and Lucinda meet during a game of cards and make the craziest bet in their life, which will completely change the course of life for both.

Dirty Deeds (2002)

The film takes place in Sydney, in 1969, at the time of tough criminals and corrupt police officers. Barry has everything a gangster can dream of: he runs several underground casinos, runs the representatives of the most ancient profession, and no one can stop him, not even Detective Ray. But at one point, representatives of the Chicago mafia arrive in the city to extend their influence to Barry.

From that moment on, the life of influential criminal changes in the most dramatic way: the mistress begins to make eyes at his nephew, to whom he is going to leave his business; the spouse is very suspicious; and the Yankees are very unhappy with his refusal, pointing out that he made the biggest mistake of his life. Then Barry decides to show American guests genuine hospitality that they have hardly ever encountered.

Lucky You (2007)

A professional poker player plays a risk, giving all his best, but in his personal life, he behaves in a completely different way, prudently and without strong emotions. He decides to participate in the World Championship, and by the time of the game he owes money to almost everyone in his environment. Plus, his father, a legendary player, stands in his way. Will the main character be able to play poker the way he conducts his personal life and live the way he plays poker?

The audience notes the rather reliable behaviour of the protagonist, good poker material, but a weak love line.

Broke (2016)

A 2016 film that combines both an homage to the National Rugby League of Australia (NRL), the fates of disgraced players, match-fixing problems, and the phenomenon of gambling. Although this is not a biographical film, there is evidence that National Rugby League Australia has been repeatedly accused of match-fixing as well as gambling problems over the past decade and more, and this film weaves a sad but compelling story around that.

Created and produced in Australia, the film is the third work of Australian director Heath Davis. Davis said he was inspired to make the film by a meeting with former National Rugby League players in his hometown of Sydney. The player reiterated that some of his fellow athletes had fallen into disfavour just like him because of their alleged involvement in match-fixing and had serious gambling problems.