Chris Rock vs Will Smith – will we hear Rock’s reaction to what happened in Liverpool

Posted on 20 August 2022
By Andy Johnson
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“The greatest night in the history of television…”

The expletives that exploded from my gaping cakehole when the infamous slap happened are perhaps best masked with this: “Yo MTV Raps! What happened?”

Why did the Fresh Prince just smack MC Gusto upside the head at The Oscars? Surely this is a joke. No!? Abject horror.

Chris Rock is a comedian and was doing his job, at no higher a corporate level you would think. So if there’s taboo subjects, golden balled PR men should have staked their reputation on that call.

Initially I thought Will must have gone home and was thinking of the right way to apologise, but then it emerged something more insidious was in the air as he was filmed at a glitzy bash rapping along to Get Jiggy Wit’ It and shaking his golden bust with characteristic swagger.

Rock says he didn’t know about Jada’s alopecia and why should we expect him to keep up with the life of the Smiths?

At awards ceremonies, the roast culture in America is expected. Will’s star looms large over that strand of comedy.

Will roasted everyone to elevate his shine as Fresh Prince. ‘Your Momma…’ jokes were the order of the day at that particular juncture of the early 90s.

“Welcome to BBC2. If it’s 6pm on a Tuesday evening, we must have a fresh slice of fish outta water Will and his adventures in California…
In West Philadelphia born and raised…”

Fresh Prince was my all time, early to tune in with my special treats on hand appointed viewing.

For a 14 year-old basketball fan starved of any televised exposure to its culture, the episode where Will joins the Bel Air Academy b’ball team and plays in a dream with Detroit Piston legend Isiah Thomas was taped off the telly and rewound into faded glory.

Uncle Phil used to launch Jazzy Jeff from their pristine porch for a lot less than Will Smith was allowed, if not celebrated for doing.

I’m worried for all the children who have grown up idolising Will. What will they be thinking about why a celebrity was able to slap another human being on TV with extreme force and impunity.

YouTube will now forever introduce fans to the most watched Will Smith video of all time. Will has since issued an apology on Instagram of all places.

There should be the utmost respect given to Chris Rock for his professionalism and ability to carry on after such a savage attack.

What’s actually wrong with Will? Will we ever find out? Often while people are preaching unity, they are advancing their own agenda.

It’s fair to observe that perhaps is what’s wrong with Will and Jada’s marriage, one that’s open on all levels and exposed in excruciating pain on their Red Table discussions. Where Jada reduced Will to the verge of a breakdown, by detailing exploits of her extra marital sexual exploits.

Anyone who has ventured into the pages of Will’s recent autobiography will no that he calls his nice public persona Uncle Fluffy and… Uncle Fluffy is dead.

Will has recently sought a public reconciliation with Chris, via a 6 minute video apology. But he said Chris is not ready to talk.

Perhaps we will hear why on his upcoming tour with Dave Chapelle, which lands in Liverpool on September 1st. Tickets are on sale now and available through Live Nation.