Cake – Aniston is Oscar-worthy in this film

Posted on 23 February 2015
By Molly Wheeldon
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If, like us, you can’t imagine Jennifer Aniston as anyone other than Rachel in Friends or a generic female rom-com lead, then you’re in for a pleasant shock.

Cake is yet again another film this year dealing with serious and real issues. It is a film that shows the world for what it is; full of pain and tragedy, while showing people as having the capacity to recover and forgive. It presents the connections between humans at their most hopeless, searching for a sign to keep going.

Nominated for a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Claire Bennett, Aniston has you transfixed from beginning to end.

You wholly believe that she is suffering and you can’t help but feel her pain.

But where is her Oscar nomination?

2015’s Academy Award nominations have shocked many with the failure to recognise some of the most captivating performances in years. Aniston is one of them.

She looks like a real person, talks like a real person and acts like a real person.

She wipes her makeup off and portrays a character we can relate to; dealing with immense pain.

Portraying Claire’s ‘maid’, Adriana Barazza brings a glimmer of hope to Cake with her unwavering loyalty to Claire. She is arguably Claire’s saviour in a film where help seems continually unsuccessful.

The only thing worth criticising about Cake is Anna Kendrick. Not her performance, but her role as a ghost. It doesn’t really need to be there.

But don’t worry too much about that.

With other talent including Sam Worthington, Felicity Huffman and Chris Messina, Cake is a film that tries to show how a mother deals with mental and physical pain when her worst nightmare becomes reality.

It does this flawlessly.

Cake‘s tagline reads: Forgiveness is a bitter pill to swallow.

Aniston’s character is bitter. And eventually finds the strength to forgive – herself at least.

A wonderful film.

Another wonderful film with a mesmerising female lead. This needs to happen more.

Don’t miss Cake – In cinemas now.