Anyone But You – A new rom com favourite

Posted on 20 January 2024
By Sophia Sciolti
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Anyone But You is a Rom Com which hits the spot and has you laughing throughout. But it’s the on screen chemistry between stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s which really stands out and makes you feel horrifically single.

Loosely based on Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, this film stars Sydney and Glen (as Bea and Ben). Through a chance meeting in a coffee shop, they have a near perfect first date. But Ben’s big mouth ruins it entirely. Turning their blossoming relationship into a burning hatred for each other.

They’re reluctantly reunited by Bea’s sister’s wedding and forced to spend the weekend in Sydney, Australia, surrounded by family and friends, trying to reunite them. As with all mature adults, Bea and Ben then pretend to date, to both deter the wedding party and make their exes jealous.

As a Rom Com fan, I was apprehensive about going to watch this, as most modern releases leave audiences lacking, compared to the classics from my childhood like 10 Things I Hate About You and Clueless.

The chemistry between the lead actors captivates you from the beginning and carries the film along. Experienced director Will Gluck, best known for Friends With Benefits and Easy A, does a brilliant job of leading his cast past classic rom com tropes and creating a refreshing light-hearted film that will continue to delight audiences for years to come.

The cinematography and locations provide a stunning aesthetic, but that’s not difficult when filming on the coast of Australia.

Throughout the film, you get glimpses of what the relationship between Bea and Ben could be, which keeps you engaged, hoping they make it together. Alongside the entertaining innuendos and adult jokes thrown in for good measure.

One flaw is the writing for co-star Joe Davidson, who plays Beau, which takes away from the overall slick feel of the film. His character appears to be purely written in for his looks and some comedic value, trading on his dopiness. But proves less about the comedy and piles on the cringe. Especially when a full frontal nude moment catches you off guard.

Overall, this film proved to be a pleasant surprise, instead of what I thought would be a tacky cliché, like so many Rom Coms are.

Purple Revolver rating 7/10