American: The Bill Hicks Story DVD review

Posted on 29 September 2010
By Toni Garden
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Some criticised this film for being too sentimental about a man who was not sentimental. Others said it was the most inspiring film of the year, a must see for every fan of Hick’s work.

For fans of Bill’s comedy and political stand point this box set is your Holy Grail. For the critics that felt this documentary was too sentimental, the dvd extras will have you thinking twice about whether or not Bill was sentimental.

A documentary that breaths life back into a man that has been dead for 16 years, American: The Bill Hicks Story documents the life behind the legend. Taking an alternative route to documenting Hick’s short life, the clever Brit film makers have used animation techniques to bring old family photos and mementos to make this a documentary worthy of a man that didn’t take the traditional route.

Interviews with his family and friends pull back the on stage persona that Bill had so crudely built and lets us see the genius and the man behind the mic; an avid music fan and humble creator and a man that worried far too much about the human race.

The extra’s on the DVD show more scenes that had to be cut form the feature due to timing and also have some special features that show the impact Bill continues to have almost two decades after his rise to fame was shot down.

One of the most satisfying and almost ironic features on the extra’s is the reverie that it shows the UK to have for Hicks, both then and now. With British comedians gushing about how Bill’s passion egged them on to push their comedy further and seeing the response from both comedians and audiences is deeply moving and makes you proud to be British.

Packed with enough old footage of Bill’s early stand up and audio journals this is the DVD homage that Bill deserves.

American – The Bill Hicks Story is available to buy on DVD & Blue Ray now.