A Look at the Best Disney Movies

Posted on 27 November 2020
By Carlton Whitfield
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As a worldwide corporation that appears to have dominated the movie industry since its creation, Disney continues to produce magical moments for all the family, whether you love visiting their theme parks or settling down with a great family movie.

If you want to revisit your favourites or find gems that you may have missed, here is a low-down to some of the best Disney movies ever made.

1. Pixar Movies

Founded in 1983, Pixar changed the landscape of Disney movies forever, creating 3D animations that are enjoyable for all the family- and never fail to make you shed a tear or two. Out of all the Pixar movies that have been made, this list would not be complete without mentioning Up (2009), whose opening montage of Carl and Ellie’s relationship tugs at the heartstrings so much that it will have you sobbing throughout the rest of the movie.

However, the best movies are those that manage to stay relevant throughout the decades, and Wall-E (2008) has done just that. While kids will love the enigmatic little robot that the title derives its name from, there is a frightening message for adults as it shows us the future of our world without intervention to prevent global warming and catastrophe. If you are undecided about whether Pixar or Disney movies are for you, research from CashLady can help you to compare the two.

2. The Golden Era

However, there is nothing like the classics, and these incomparable movies are what started Disney’s journey in spreading their magic around the world, one movie at a time. The Golden Era provided memorable flicks that set the tone and style of Disney movies for years into the future, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and Fantasia (1940).

However, the real highlight of the Golden Era was Bambi (1942), which is still the perfect family movie if you want to traumatize your children with one of the most upsetting movie moments in the history of kid’s movies. Aside from that, Bambi’s life in the forest is as sweet and endearing now as it once was, and kids will love the excitable energy of its side characters, Flower and Thumper.

3. The Modern Age

In recent years, Disney movies have seen a resurgence, though, with one huge blockbuster that is still
taking the world by storm over five years after its original release date. If you have kids, you will know the movie off-by-heart, and alongside other festive classics, it can make the perfect flick for a Christmas movie night.

Frozen (2013) was a smash hit and is, surprisingly, deserving of its popularity with kids and adults alike. In fact, now is the best time to enjoy the spectacle of the fjords and icy castles of this Idina Menzel-led vehicle, as the Broadway musical and sequel feature movie both opened in the USA in the last couple of years.

However, this is not the first modern vehicle to be successful though, and Beauty and the Beast (1991) and The Lion King (1994) reigned the big screen in the nineties and continue to be classics today, with live-action remakes and Broadway musicals continuing the legacy of these beautifully animated and enrapturing movies.

4. Live-Action Gems

The greatest Disney movies are not all animated, though, and there has been plenty of live-action gems throughout their time at the top of the box-office. Aside from the live-action remakes that are currently being pumped out twice a year, and which Insider explores here, there have also been big thrills and adventure from franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean (2003), which made such an impact on the swashbuckling genre that sequels and soft reboots are still being made now. This movie is the perfect option to snuggle up with if you have older kids who believe that they have outgrown the light fun of the classic animated movies.