Wolf of Wall Street vs Meshuggah (Video mashup)

Posted on 18 February 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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For some reason, putting metal music over scenes from TV programmes or films proves hilarious and the latest addition turning an inspirational speech in The Wolf of Wall Street into a mosh pit is no exception.

The film on it’s own without the help of metal music is crazy, featuring scenes of excessive drug taking and full frontal nudity.

Director Scorcese even claimed that some of the scenes in the film were inspired by his own use of the infamous drug Quaaludes.

With 900,000 views in two days, Mesuggah Face of Wall Street features the scene from the film in which Belfort (DeCaprio) tells his company that he will not be signing the contract banning him from the premises of Stratton Oakmont, sending his employees into a frenzy of jumping around like maniacs and dancing on tables.

Enter the screaming and metal riffs of Meshuggah and the scene has a whole new feel to it. The screaming fits perfectly into Decaprios speech and the bulldog-esque face he pulls only makes it that much more satisfying.

Partnered with his employees banging their chests in time to the drum beat, this video makes the perfect mash up.