Video store VideOdyssey offering Nostalgia SOS Packs to people in isolation

Posted on 1 May 2020
By Pierce King
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VHS mecca VideOdyssey are delivering SOS Nostalgia Packs to cheer people up on lockdown, including classic movies, VCRs and retro snacks.

The Liverpool arts venue was dubbed ‘the UK’s last video shop’ by BBC Radio 4 and has amassed a VHS archive of more than 10,000 tapes.

Owner Andy Johnson is offering a delivery service providing entertainment, food and essentials to people in self isolation.

The service, which will be reminiscent of the old ‘Video Van Man’ traders, who used to drive through the streets in the 80s, with movies and snacks – the VideOdyssey team will deliver a package with a VCR, 10 VHS tapes and retro snacks.

Andy, 40, who lives in Toxteth, Liverpool said he feels for the large number of single people who will have to self isolate – and might not have access to the internet or streaming services. They will also deliver essentials, newspapers and magazines on request.

VideOdyssey are happy to offer the service for free to the over 70s, who face up to four months in isolation. Andy says many older people still have their old family movies on VHS tapes and need a player to watch them.

With supermarkets and pharmacies open during lock down – VideOdyssey are also offering to pick up essentials for people who can’t leave the house – to deliver alongside their nostalgia packs.

Speaking from their studios in Toxteth TV – VideOdyssey owner Andy said: “This is a strange and worrying time for everybody. With all this uncertainty about what will happen with people self isolating, I feel people might like to take comfort in a trip down memory lane.

“Nostalgia is a powerful medicine. In times of distress, it’s good to take solace in the simpler days of the past.

“We’re sitting on a mountain of hard copy films and TV shows and a fleet of VCRs and even vintage TVs. So if you find you’re having trouble with online streaming – you can get us to bring classic movies and snacks to you.

“I immediately thought of all the people who have come to see us in the last two years – and how so many commented on how nostalgia makes them feel better.

“One visitor who lives in Canada joined as a member, just so he could have a video shop membership card again. He said it made him feel all warm and fuzzy just holding the old VHS boxes and using the player.

“How it works is we will deliver a nostalgia SOS pack to your door, ring the bell and stand back to a safe distance while you collect it in. We will then collect it 24 days later – or update your movie selection on request.

“You can send us a list of your 5 favourite film actors and we’ll bring 10 tapes, a player and retro goodies and even comics or to make you feel better.

“We’re in talks with the council to see how we can make this available for free for the over 70s. Lots of elderly people have old home movies on VHS with nothing to play them on – we could provide hours of happy memories to cheer them up.

“We’ve all got to look after each other in the coming months. So if you’ve got some special requests for supplies, we can hook you up too.

“Also if you’ve got any tapes or VCRs to donate – we can collect them.”

You can contact andy via email on:
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