Urban Outfitters launch random, used VHS sets for $40

Posted on 20 February 2019
By Khyle Deen
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Relics of the past are always coming back around, we all yearn for items and objects from our past, VHS tapes have recently made a resurgence, and over in the US, at Urban Outfitters, they appear to be worth something.

Urban Outfitters has launched a product that is sure to take you right back to childhood, a random assortment of five used video tapes from the 1990s.

You can purchase comedy sets, which include movies such as The Waterboy and Vacation, but you can also purchase romance and sci-fi VHS sets. Each set does come with an arguably hefty price though, retailed at $40.

The produt description on Urban Outfitters reads: “Each set is unique, iconic and will vary from what is pictured here. Don’t worry – there are no duds in this batch!”

Studiohouse Designs, who’ve been selling vintage mediums such as vinyl (another vintage medium that has been having a resurgence over the last several years) and Polaroid cameras, have curated the sets.

VHS tapes these days can be quite a rarity to come by, even more difficult, may be the task of finding a working video player, the last company to manufacture them actually ceased production back in 2016.

There are of course, people out there readily and happily watching videotapes in this day and age. Found Footage Fest showcases random VHS tapes found at second hand shops and jumble sales, taking these tapes and hosting the occasional VHS viewing party now and again.

Also, right here in Liverpool, based in Toxteth, is VideOdyssey, hailed as “the UK’s last video shop”, VHS fans can pop down and get their hands on any VHS they want, at nostalgia filled 80s prices, with VideOdyssey memberships to be purchased like the glory days of many people’s childhoods.

There are also great retro arcade games available to be played. It’s a great way to step back in time, an 80s and 90s kid’s ideal spot.