Top 5 Coen brothers characters

Posted on 26 January 2014
By Amy Clarke
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This Friday saw the release of the Coen brother’s new film Inside Llewyn Davis. After winning the Grand prize of the jury in last year’s Canne film festival, the movie has been nominated for 2 awards at this year’s Oscars.

The Coen brother’s films are well known for their eccentric and unique character portrayals, so we have decided to take a look at the top five Coen brother’s characters.

Chad Feldheimer played by Brad Pitt – Burn After Reading

The Hapless gym instructor Chad in Burn After Reading becomes unwillingly involved in CIA espionage when his co-worker Linda finds a CD containing sensitive government information.

Chad is over excitable, camp and with spiked bleached blonde hair he is everything other than Brad Pitt’s usual sex appeal roles.

Marge Gunderson played by Francais McDormand – Fargo

The heavily pregnant Canadian police officer Marge, in Fargo earned Francais Mcdormand the Oscar for Best Actress in 1996. Marge is the nicest police officer you will ever meet. She is determined not to let the final stages of pregnancy stop her from solving a few murder crimes in small town Fargo. Marge was played by Joel Coen’s wife at the time when she was 7 months pregnant.

Jeffery Lebowski (The Dude) played by Jeff Bridges – The Big Lebowski

No list of Coen brother’s characters would be complete without this unemployed man, whose hobbies include smoking pot, drinking white Russians and bowling. Known as The Dude, he is on a mission to seek compensation for his rug which was urinated on by gangsters after they mistake him for a local millionaire with the same name.

Anton Chigurh played by Javier Bardem – No Country For Old Men

The psychopathic hitman Anton of the brother’s brutal western, No Country for old Men deserves a mention. A change from the usual Coen brother’s comedic characters, Anton Chigurh is hired to recover money that went missing after a failed drug deal.

The film becomes a cat and mouse chase when Josh Brolin steals the money and Javier Bardem – a merciless killer with a stylish bowl cut.

Everett McGill played by George Clooney – O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The silver tongued George Clooney plays Ulysses Everett McGill in O’Brother, Where Art Thou? Everett is an escaped convict in South America during the depression.

Based on The Odyssey by Homer, Everett is on a mission to find treasure with two fellow dim-witted convicts. He’s armed with quick wit, charm and his favourite hair treatment dapper Dan hair pomade.