The ultimate casino Hangover

Posted on 10 February 2015
By Carlton Whitfield
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Casinos are a topic that has been covered numerous times in movies; sometimes with gambling as the focus of the story, and sometimes with it as a backdrop to the main plot.

In The Hangover, a film that was released in 2009, the focus isn’t really on gambling, it’s more about what happens to the four guys who head to Vegas for a stag do to remember and end up not remembering anything at all.

The Hangover was a surprise hit when it was released; so much so that two sequels were subsequently made and released in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

And one of the best scenes in the movie – is when Alan card-counts his way to winning $82,000 – he has made it to gaming glory, just like you can with these 50 free spins no deposit.

If you’re ever stuck for inspiration as to which casino movie to watch, these five clips should give you some ideas. Each of the films featured on the list has its own merits, but the one that will offer the best mix of comedy and debauchery rolled into one is definitely The Hangover.

The film begins with a groom-to-be, Doug, and his two best buddies Stu and Phil going to Las Vegas for the bachelor party. Tagging along, but not really one of the gang, is the bride-to-be’s brother – a nerdy type called Alan. They start off the evening with drinks on the roof terrace of Caesars Casino – where they’re staying.

Suddenly it’s the next morning and three of the four wake up in their hotel suite which has been trashed – none of them remember what happened the night before and Doug is missing.

Instead, there’s a live tiger in the bathroom and a baby in the closet. Their car, a Mercedes, has disappeared and in its place in the parking lot is a police cruiser.

The rest of the film focuses on the three guys piecing the previous night together and seeing if they can find the groom in time for the wedding.

The film was written by Lucas and John Moore and their inspiration for the tale was when a friend of executive producer Chris Bender disappeared on a night out and then received a large bill from a strip club. The original script was rewritten by Jeremy Gaelick to include the baby, the tiger and a cameo by boxer Mike Tyson.

The three men retrace their steps from the night before when they find out their memory loss was caused by taking roofies (rohypnol) in their drinks.

Stu (Ed Helms) discovers he’s married a stripper called Jade (Heather Graham) and that the baby in their suite is hers. When they try to get the Mercedes back from the police, the trio mistakenly volunteer to be the targets in a taser demonstration. Having got their car back, they discover there’s a naked Asian guy in the boot who attacks them, then runs off.

Back at their suite, they are confronted by Mike Tyson (playing himself) who wants them to return his tiger, so they drug the tiger for the car journey.

However the big cat wakes up mid-trip and attacks them. They are deliberately crashed into by another car containing Asian gangsters including the naked man from earlier.

He turns out to be the gangster boss, Leslie Chow, and accuses them of kidnapping him and stealing $80,000 from his wallet. He wants his money back and says he will have their friend, Doug, killed if he doesn’t get his money, which leads us to the card counting scene.

However, when they meet with Chow to get Doug back, they find it’s actually another Doug, a black drug dealer, who sold Alan the roofies.

While talking to ‘Black Doug’ Stu remembers where the other Doug is – he’s been trapped on the roof where they left him on a mattress the night before. When they find him, he’s severely sunburnt and has Chow’s original $80,000 on him.

They race back for the wedding to LA and somehow Doug gets to marry Tracy. Stu breaks up with his miserable long-term girlfriend, knowing that he’s got a date lined up with Jade to look forward to.

The film ends with the four friends at the wedding reception reliving the night courtesy of Stu’s camera and then agreeing to delete the pictures and destroy the evidence of their debauched weekend.

The Hangover’s a great film anytime you want lots of laughs and makes an ideal viewing choice if you’re nursing a hangover of your own!