The Twilight Saga Returns with Midnight Sun

Posted on 17 May 2020
By Dana Andersen
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It’s been almost a decade since The Twilight Saga took the world by storm. The books, and movies, became a point of contempt for many, but it has remained a part of pop culture history, that is still spoken about today. Which is just as well, considering it appears we’re finally about to get Midnight Sun.

The fifth book of the series was announced by author Stephanie Meyer, way back in 2008, not long after the release of her last Twilight novel, Breaking Dawn, and while Twilight was making its debut in theatres.

After a leak of the first twelve chapters online, which fans leapt onto immediately, Meyer stalled her writing of the novel. The writer stated that she no longer felt ‘alone’, and could not write while feeling like that. She also added, at the time, she would wait until ‘everyone’s forgotten about it’, then begin work on it once more.

It would appear that, twelve years later, we have finally reached that point. A release date of August 4 this year has been announced, following a countdown clock on Meyer’s website.

But what will a fifth Twilight book even contain? It will be Twilight, from Edward’s perspective. Fans will finally know what Edward thought when he first picked up Bella’s scent from across the classroom, what the vampires got up to during their weeks long hunting trips, and what goes through the mind of a 100+ year old vampire attending High School once again.

The question of if we’re about to see a revival of the Twilight movies has been rightfully raised, but few answers have been provided at this point. Although the prequel to the Hunger Games book trilogy hasn’t even been released yet, its been picked up to be a movie, following the success of the adaptions of the other books, but no promises have yet been made to make Midnight Sun into a movie.

It’d have to be a whole new cast, since the actors who originally portrayed the teen vampires are all now in their 30’s, leaving us asking who can fill the very memorable roles we all remember well, regardless of if we loved or hated them. Suggestions of a TV show or miniseries have also been thrown around, since both Edward’s, and Bella’s perspectives could now be explored, with the information provided by Meyer in Midnight Sun.

Whatever comes from the book, this is sure to be an exciting revival for the Twilight fandom, especially considering how often they’ve been the butt of jokes over the last decade.