The rise of Marvel Studios – the cinematic universe expands

Posted on 5 June 2016
By Carlton Whitfield
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From almost nearing bankruptcy to worldwide domination, Marvel Studios meteoric rise to the top has been a spectacular journey.

One of the more popular outcomes of the boom is the rise in online superhero gaming which offer members and non-members alike the chance to join adventures with heroes like Spider-Man, The Hulk and the rest of The Avengers team. From online Marvel games for kids to online slots games for adults, Marvel games are everywhere and they are here to stay.

The games themselves open to a Marvel monologue of each character before setting you up with a comic inspired background for its controls, immersing the player into the world of Marvel, whether it is the murky backdrop of New York with Spider-Man or the cosmic realm of Asgard, the home of Thor.

If you’re a gamer who loves their superheroes then look no further than the wide range of online games available now to play.
Before the MCU ever existed, Marvel used to sell the rights to their most popular characters to other major film companies to produce and distribute.

Characters such as Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four and The X-Men were sold to Sony and Fox as part of billion dollar deals, which helped out financially for Marvel but stopped them from creating the films they wanted.

When President Kevin Fiege and Marvel Studios decided to produce and distribute their first film, they were taking a huge risk, especially after the success other studios had had with their own characters, like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films.

Fortunately for Marvel Studios, their first film, 2008’s Iron Man, was a major success and has built the way for almost a decade of successful blockbusters that have brought in billions of dollars from the Box Office.

As of 2016, Marvel Studios have released twelve films into their Marvel Cinematic Universe, including hits like The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and last summer’s Ant-Man.

With Captain America: Civil War set to be Marvel’s biggest film to date, they have no plans to stop just yet with several more films set to be released from now until 2020 including the highly anticipated two parter of Avengers: Infinity War coming out in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

The majority of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been confirmed to appear in the film which will make it the largest superhero film ever made.
When you consider how close Marvel Studios were to bankruptcy, to see them set to deliver the biggest comic book film of all time is some achievement.

Following the success of the comic book films boom, more and more people are immersing themselves into the world of the superhero and the wide variety of entertainment this world has to offer.

Whilst the superhero film genre isn’t a new, the explosiveness of films in recent years has seen the popularity surrounding comics rise rapidly, with a renewed interest in comic books, video games, costumes and merchandise.

With hits like Iron Man, The Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers Age of Ultron coming to cinemas almost every year and with future films like Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War coming soon, fans have been digesting everything they can from this genre like never before.