The Nice Guys are rather boozy in this animated promo

Posted on 28 May 2016
By Khyle Deen
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The Nice Guys features a cool retro vibe, the latest promo for the crime comedy made by Shane Black, reimagines the movie as an old school animated series – the exact kind you’d have watched growing up. This promo is quite kid-friendly, despite this, it is for a movie that is most definitely not for kids, everyone else can and should check it out though!

The retro animated teaser contains the kind of silly rhyme schemes that you’d hear in vignettes for shows about Batman or the Super Friends. “Brooding, bruising and newly-quit-boozing!” The video features more of that, including a great intro to the film’s leading characters, in the movie played by Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Newcomer Angourie Rice also gets a shining role in the movie playing Gosling’s scene-stealing daughter Holly – She isn’t seen in the trailers enough.

If a sequel to The Nice Guys isn’t made though, whether that is Warner Bros. or even Black’s doing, then maybe the tales of the hilarious investigative duo could live through the visuals of animation. We’d be up for watching that after seeing this trailer.

The Nice Guys is in theaters today — as in, right now. As in, what are you doing reading this when there’s a new Shane Black movie you could be watching?!

The Nice Guys is in cinemas from next week, get booking your tickets, it’s getting some buzz!