The Hobbit 2 – Peter Jackson is sure he can make Legolas work

Posted on 4 December 2013
By James McAllister
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Orlando Bloom has assured fans of The Hobbit that there is not reason to be concerned over his appearance in the new movie.

The Elven star admitted: “I was worried about how fans would react, but Pete convinced me.”

The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson gave the acting heart-throb his first major role in a blockbuster movie.

Bloom said: “If Pete said, ‘Jump,’ I’d say, ‘How high?’ based on my previous experiences with him and my gratitude toward him for giving me my start in life, as it were.”

It is reported that the actor agreed to return from a screen acting hiatus for Peter Jackson’s new fantasy trilogy without even reading a script.

The award winning director is using Legolas’ character in order to drive narrative, despite the fact that he isn’t mentioned in the book.

Jackson defended his decision saying: “Legolas isn’t discussed in The Hobbit, but as far as Tolkien is concerned, he would have been part of that structure within the Woodland Realm and we needed characters within the Woodland Realm to drive the story.”

But, when Orlando was pressed about other members of the fellowship appearing in The Hobbit he replied,

“Not as yet. But I believe there are plans afoot, so yeah, but not as yet, no.”

With the original story being split into three parts, Peter Jackson could be planning to put even more of his own spin on the classic tale.