The best streaming services in 2020

Posted on 23 July 2020
By Carlton Whitfield
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If you’re a fellow cord cutter, there are lots of great choices beyond Hulu and Netflix for streaming movies, music, TV series, and more. You can find the best offer for streaming services at, but we’ll give you a total breakdown of some of the top sites you’ll find there. That includes:


It’s easy to see why Netflix ranks as the best streaming service in 2020, with more subscribers than any of its rivals all over the world. Netflix took on-demand streaming to the next level, offering a straightforward and easy to search platform. It also helped in cultivating the binge-watch culture due to its large collection of television shows.

Netflix also stands ahead of the others as it has a robust collection of award-winning programs, with some of the most celebrated titles, including “Stranger Things,” “Mindhunter,” and “Marriage Story,” to mention a few. It costs a bit more than your average on-demand streaming service, especially for those who want to be able to enjoy the content from more than one device.

Amazon Prime Video

Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video boasts of its array of award-winning and must-see content. That includes award-winning indie movies like “The Big Sick” and “The Farewell,” as well as comedies like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “Fleabag.”

Prime Video also boasts of a great backlog of legacy content from networks like HBO. However, the main distinction for prime video is that it lets you rent the films and TV series not included in your subscription. Even better, you can add premium channels like Starz, though the interface is a little confusing to users.


Celebrating over 12 years in the streaming market, Hulu is among the oldest services. That has given it time to refine the platform and grow its library. Its catalog of shows is still among the largest, and it features lots of highly-rated series, even though some shows have migrated to other leading streaming services.

Hulu doesn’t have a robust list of movies, though their library is regularly rotating, and you can easily the upcoming movies. It also offers great value as it comes at one of the lowest monthly rates in this roundup. You’ll have to sit through commercials when you subscribe to its $6 a month package or pay $12 every month to enjoy ad-free streaming.


Kids and anyone young at heart will feel at home with a Disney+ subscription. This streaming service has an amazing collection of classic animations like “The Little Mermaid” and superhero action movies like “Spider-man” and “Iron Man.”
Besides “Star Wars” and superheroes, it has a robust library of educational content, including National Geographic. However, if you are hoping to get something for the more grown-up audience after the kids are in bed, you’ll be disappointed as the best you can get is “The Simpsons.”


Most HBO customers can easily access the HBO Max platform, which recently added a huge library of original programs and titles. However, cord-cutters using streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV and Roku will still; use HBO’s original platform known as HBO Now.