The Best Apps For Film And For Watching TV and Movies

Posted on 22 July 2013
By Harry Lime
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Getting movies and TV on the go is one of the most important things you want your mobile phone to be able to do, whether you’re an avid film and television fan or simply someone who just wants
to be able to watch their favourite shows whenever and wherever. Many of these phones have great offers and deals making them affordable for anyone. There is currently a wide selection of movie and TV apps that bring you everything you love at the simple touch of a fingertip – no hassle, no fuss, just immediate satisfaction.

One such app is Crackle; this amazing app lets you stream full-length films straight to your mobile phone. There are no hidden fees and no sign-up button demanding your attention every time you start up the app. Furthermore, it also has some of the top-rated TV shows in its database so that you can love the coolest new shows even if you’re away from home. This app is a must-have for anyone who is serious about visual entertainment, or if you simply want the best apps on your phone.

Another brilliant app for all your TV and film needs is Viki: Global TV. Not only does this widget deliver high quality programmes and films, but it also lets you watch music videos and anime/cartoons. This app quite literally has it all in one place for you to view at your convenience. And for all you social network lovers out there, it lets you connect to Facebook and share what you’ve been watching with all your friends.

Netflix is also a film and TV lovers’ necessity, even with the small subscription fee attached to it. Moreover, while you have to pay a monthly fee, it’s well worth it when you consider just how many amazing shows and films you get streamed to your mobile phones or tablets. You can watch unlimited amounts of your favourites films and programmes; and best of all, the app is free to install.