Star Wars cast member tweets out behind the scenes pictures

Posted on 14 January 2014
By James McAllister
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Star Wars actor Peter Mayhew has taken to Twitter to give fans a peek behind the scenes during the making of Star Wars.

Among the images posted by the wookie actor are several steamy pics of Princess Leia in her iconic slave bikini.

Slave Leia is a popular sight at comic conventions and Mayhew released the pictures of co-star Carrie Fisher saying:

“Ok, you lot really like pics of a certain princess! Here’s one of Carrie and her stunt double. You’re Welcome.”

Also featuring in the pictures is Mark Hamill styling a questionable kimono and Willow star Warwick Davis as an adorable 11 year old.

A new addition to the Star Wars saga is due to start shooting next month and with the recent launch of the Star Wars Intsagram page, fans can’t get enough of these never before seen pictures.

Star Wars Episode VII is due out December 2015.