Sequels Still To Come

Posted on 1 June 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Whether you’re of the opinion that its simply studios trying to make more money, or because its what the fans want, you’ve got to admit there are a lot of sequels preparing to hit the market. Heres a run down of what Hollywood has planed in the sequels department, and some of the information we have on them so far.

It was way back last summer that it was revealed The Matrix 4 was in the works. Although the pandemic has slowed down production, director Lana Wachoswki is pushing along, this time directing without her sister. There have been plenty of rumours about what this edition to the franchise may bring, but none have been confirmed.

Following came the news of Avatar 2, which is now waiting to return to filming. Their set was shut down part way through production, and many of those involved flew home. Now to return, and continue filming, they must first quarantine for 14 days, delaying the production.

In December, as interest in Disney Plus became stronger, they announced that a sequel to the 1993 halloween classic, Hocus Pocus, would be coming to the streaming platform. Theres no confirmed date, nor cast, but Sarah Jessica Parker, and Better Middler, two of the three Sanderson sisters from the original film, have expressed interest in returning to the roles.

More recently, talk of Labyrinth 2 has gotten louder, and it seems its now definitely happening. The Jim Henson Company are fully behind it, and talk of who will be the Goblin King, following the unfortunate loss of David Bowie.

Less certain is Beetlejuice 2. There seems to be interest from the studio, and reports that Beetlejuice himself, Michael Keaton, and Danny Elfman, the man behind the music of many Tim Burton films, would be interested in returning to the world of the recently deceased, but few plans or intentions seem to be confirmed.

With so many sequels being released, it’d be almost impossible to include them all, so heres our final one. Almost ready for release is the third instalment to Bill and Ted. Bill and Ted Face The Music has had its release reorganised, but thankfully its filming was not interrupted. Alex Winter, Bill himself, replied to a fan on twitter to let them know ‘teasers and trailers are ready’ and there will be ‘news on release soon!’. All looks good for that release!