Scarlett Johansson goes on the hunt for Under the Skin

Posted on 17 March 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Avengers Assemble star Scarlett Johansson has revealed how she went on the hunt for men whilst filming new role in Under The Skin.

The film features an alien disguised as a woman who feasts on the flesh of men.

Most of the men taking part in these scenes were not actors but just lads walking the streets of Glasgow, who Scarlett had to lure into her van and drive away to the slaughter.

The Lost in Translation actress was not alone on these trips, the van she used was fitted with numerous cameras, capturing the whole interaction and a hidden film crew in the back of the van who would watch the scenes unfold.

They would then ask the men to sign release forms in order to be able to use the footage in the film.

The entire first half of the movie was filmed this way, with hidden cameras being used in shopping centres and on the streets in order to capture real emotion from the victims.

Scarlett, 29, says she enjoys projects like these, because she likes to test her comfort levels.

She said: “It was terrifying, but empowering.

“In that state of mind, I really felt like I was on a hunt.

The film has divided critics, with some praising its daring ideas and others proclaiming it too much to watch.

When Scarlett would strip down to her underwear and lure in her next victim in press screenings, the audience would become immediately uncomfortable and at least one male viewer would leave.

Scarlett added: “It’s funny how some people can’t sit through that, but they could see Saw IV or whatever and be completely numb to it.

“Sometimes it’s not even violence, just things that are misogynistic or ageist or whatever and they can sit through it.”

Under the Skin will be released in cinemas on March 14th across the UK.