Samuel L Jackson is Bill Gates – a Microsoft biopic in the making

Posted on 18 February 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Microsoft millionaire Bill Gates has earned himself some extra cool points by taking part in an AMA (ask me anything) and revealing he would like Pulp Fiction star Samuel L. Jackson to play him in his life story.

This could have taken a horrible turn, because if you’ve ever visited a page on Reddit, where the Q&A took place, you will have noticed the users don’t hold back.

But, people were asking him some pretty normal questions such as what is his tablet of choice or what are his career plans now that he’s finished at Microsoft.

Some people even went so far as to ask him how he felt we should be helping the underdeveloped parts of the world.

One question that seemed to get a lot of comments was asked by user departmentofworks. They asked ‘Steve Jobs had Ashton Kutcher. Who do you want to portray you in a biopic?’

Although Gates didn’t answer this question directly, another user commented with the suggestion Samuel L. Jackson, which led Gates to reciprocate with the comment

‘Melinda would probably watch that version.’ And if it has his wife’s approval, it must be a good one.

We can’t help but think how much of an action epic the Bill Gates movie would become with Samuel L. taking centre stage.

The creation of the first computer would probably be done held at gunpoint or it would be a race against time to make sure all of the wires were connected to the right colours in order to make sure the computer didn’t go into sleep mode.