Russo Brothers announce that the Avengers’ “Infinity War ” is no more – movies to be retitled

Posted on 10 May 2016
By Khyle Deen
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Ever since Nick Fury broke into Tony Stark’s mansion and introduced moviegoers to the concept of the Avengers Initiative, the now huge Marvel Cinematic Universe has been inching closer toward a war the likes of which the big, silver screen has never laid it’s eyes on.

Now, with the hugely awaited Captain America: Civil War finally in cinemas, the next big event to shake up the MCU is set to go through several minor adjustments.

After Marvel Studios announced “Phase 3”, its ambitious lineup included a two-part event starring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It’s come to light now that according to the mighty Russo Brothers’ Avengers: Infinity War Parts I & II have ceased to exist… Kind of.

While the Avengers will certainly be assembling once again, with more heroes included, all to take on the Mad Titan, Thanos in what is technically to still be two separate films, the directors have officially revealed that Infinity War will be retitled.

One-half of Marvel’s wonder team, Joe Russo, recently said in an interview with Uproxx that the two films that were to make up both parts of Infinity War, will apparently be “two very different movies.”

“The intention is we will change it, we just haven’t come up with the titles yet. But, yes, we will change it. And, yes, that is a scoop: we will retitle them.”

Anthony Russo also said that they felt the Part I and Part II titles were “misleading.”

There is yet to be any word on what the new titles of the film will be, but fans can rest assured that what the Russos have planned to do with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will probably be epic.

You can catch the Avengers in action in Captain America: Civil War in cinemas now.