Quentin Tarantino to reveal his unusual music influences on BBC 6 music

Posted on 25 April 2013
By Pierce King
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Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino will be the opening guest on The First Time, a BBC Radio 6 series speaking with musicians about the tracks which have influenced them.

As well as discussing his early love of Elvis Presley and the Partridge Family, he will also reveal the unlikely influence that the Sherman Brothers’ The Bare Necessities from Disney’s Jungle Book had on him.

Presenter Matt Everitt explained the decision to invite Tarantino on to the show: “The First Time normally focuses on musicians but we made an exception for Tarantino as his use of music in his movies is so genuinely iconic.

“All his films are masterclasses in marrying image to sound in visceral, emotional and original ways. The most memorable scenes from his movies are synonymous with specific songs.”

Tarantino will also be giving his thoughts about the use of music in film and how he goes about choosing a playlist to complement a script, which also gives an insight into his encyclodaedic knowledge of music.

Everitt added: “Tarantino is clearly passionate about music, so it was incredible to investigate his knowledge of music across countless genres — bubble-gum pop, surf rock, soul, hip hop, rockabilly and country and western.”

The show returns to BB6 Music on Sunday 5 May.