Quentin Tarantino NFT website scores first Pulp Fiction script sale for $1.1 Million USD

Posted on 25 January 2022
By Pierce King
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Movie mastermind Quentin Tarantino has seen his first Pulp Fiction NFT sell for $1.1 million USD, defying efforts by Miramax to thwart the sale.

The high profile project, called Tarantino NFTs, has put up parts of Tarantino’s original handwritten screenplay from the film, which feature several iconic scenes, minted as one-of-a-kind NFTs.

SCRT Labs have created the never-before-scene scripts in collaboration with the iconic film director and they also come with audio commentary from Tarantino himself, explaining the scene’s significance.

Miramax, the studio behind the 1994 classic, filed a lawsuit claiming intellectual property rights over the content. Citing in a statement earlier this month:

“Whatever limited rights Mr Tarantino has to screenplay publication, they do not permit the minting of unique NFTs associated with Miramax’s intellectual property.

“His contrary position is the subject of a pending lawsuit.”

On Monday, SCRT Labs announced that the first of seven NFTs — “Royale with Cheese” — sold for $1.1 million USD to a crypto collective AnonDAO.

“As admirers of Quentin Tarantino’s iconic filmography, the Anons quickly mobilized to raise the funds necessary to purchase the first NFT in the Tarantino NFTs series” a spokesperson for AnonDAO said in a press release.

The upcoming auctions of the remaining six NFTs will last for 24 hours or until the target price is reached.

Scenes include: “Pumpkin and Honey Bunny,” “Foot Massage,” “Check Out the Big Brain on Brett,” “Captain Koons Monologue – The Gold Watch,” “Bring Out the Gimp” and “Last Scene: Coffee Shop – Ezekiel 25:17.”

Auctions will run from January 24 to January 31 through the Tarantino NFTs site.