Quentin Tarantino movies – Baloo and the Jungle Book inspired my soundtracks

Posted on 8 May 2013
By Andy Johnson
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Django Unchained director has revealed that The Bear Necessities from Jungle Book was a huge influence on him and how he matches music to his films.

The Pulp Fiction writer, famous for hand-picking his soundtracks, recalled going to the cinema with his Dad and how Jungle Book made a huge imapct on him as a youngster.

Tarantino fans could draw parallels between Baloo’s dancing and the Resevoir Dogs torture scene, in which Michael Madsen struts around a cop before slicing his ear off.

Speaking on BBC6 Music Radio Oscar-winner Quentin, 50, said: “The first movie I saw where the song was a big, important part of the movie was Jungle Book.

“You know, a real sense on when you wait for the song, its all about The Bear Necessities.

“I remember my dad telling me: ‘Remember Quentin, when we go to the movie you can’t sing along to the Bear Necessities, because we’ll be in the cinema.’

“So we go to it and as soon as the song came on, everybody else started singing along with it. What else could you do?

“I thought that song was just fantastic. I had the album and knew the song and used to sing along to it. It made a real impact on me.

“I tend to go see a movie again if its got a scene with a powerful mix of music and images. Maybe a few more times, pretty much just for the music sequences.

“Just to get that moment. When you do it right, when the right song matches with the right cinematic sequence and you cut it to it and everything, it’s just about as cinematic as you can get.”