Quentin Tarantino and Dan Aykroyd make special surprise appearance at The New Beverly Cinema

Posted on 18 April 2019
By Khyle Deen
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We all love a surprise appearance, whether it’s a cool cameo in a beloved TV show or a movie, or even a special guest appearance at an iconic movie theatre.

That last one happened this past weekend, at the historic New Beverly in Los Angeles, California.

Movie-goers were stunned when Quentin Tarantino and Dan Aykroyd stepped out to make a surprise introduction at a Blues Brothers screening in LA.

The audience went crazy, said New Beverly regular Grace Chan, “It was such a treat to see Dan Aykroyd in person. As a kid growing up in the 80s and having seen Ghostbusters in its first run at theatres, I grew up thinking he was the coolest guy. To have the chance to see him in person was truly special.”

During our little chat with Grace Chan, we asked her what she loves about New Beverly and what keeps her going back:

“I love that ALL films are shown in 35mm..the way films were intended to be seen. Film preservation in an all-digital era is so important, and I love that Tarantino is a true cinephile who respects film history and wants to keep it alive. I also love the curated programming, where you can see anything from 60s French new wave classics to 70s exploitation to 30’s Busby Berkeley musical extravaganzas to 80s dark comedies.”

“I also love that the Double Features every day are only $10, AND the popcorn is arguably the best in town.”

When it comes to previous special appearances at the New Beverly, Tom Holland showed up a number of years ago during a midnight screening of Child’s Play, detaining anecdotes from behind the scenes of the making of the horror franchise.

You can visit the New Beverly in Los Angeles, California and find out more about the theatre including its history and listings over at http://thenewbev.com/

You can also follow Grace Chan over on Instagram at @gracemarian