Petition Against Paris Jackson as ‘Lesbian Jesus’

Posted on 2 July 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Paris Jackson, daughter of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, is ready to take on a new film role, but it seems some may not be prepared for her to do so.

Following her appearances in an episode of Scream: The TV Series, and Gringo, with Chalize Theron, Jackson’s next project, Habit, is causing waves of controversy amongst religious internet users.

A petition has appeared on, calling the indie flick a ‘blasphemous Hollywood film’, also branding it to be ‘Christianphobic garbage’, following the news that Jackson will be playing a gender-bent, modern Jesus.

Her representation of the religious figure will apparently include ‘a nose ring, tousled waves and a traditional robe’, sticking near Jackson’s own look for the character.

The petition has also cited she will be a ‘lesbian’ Jesus, though there is no mention of this from the makers of the film, nor in any of the information released around the plot of the movie.

Those who created the petition, which now has almost 300,000 signatures, have likely drawn this confusion from the fact that Jackson is proudly bisexual, having come out at 14, and has been proudly open about her sexuality ever since.

The film will be also starring ex Disney star Bella Thorne, who will play a ‘party girl with a Jesus fetish’. Considering her past involvement in the porn industry, these religious petitioners are likely not impressed with any part of the movie.

Warner Brothers and Lionsgate are the main targets of the petition, presumably in an attempt to prevent the film, which is currently looking for distributers, from being picked up or distributed by either studio.

Pop-star Sia has shown support to the young actress, tweeting ‘Dear @ParisJackson I love you, keep going. I believe you are a good person.’, along with a smiley face emoji.

Jackson is yet to respond herself, but many fans are hoping to be able to see the film sometime soon.