Out of the Furnace actor Christian Bale bashes Hollywood awards

Posted on 29 January 2014
By Busrah Osmanoglu
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Christian Bale is set to appear in Scott Cooper’s Out of the Furnace later this week along with a star studded cast.

Cooper, alongside star producers Leonardo Di Caprio and Ridley Scott, tells the gripping tale of the Baze brothers (Christian Bale and Casey Affleck) as their world is turned upside down by one of the most ruthless crime rings of the Northwest. The story takes drama and plays on the act of human emotion to the extreme.

Attempting to address every American on the planet, the Dark Knight actor Christian Bale describes it as a representation of modern American culture.

He said: “This film just really stuck with me. I think it’s just a fascinating look at American life, a part of American life that you don’t hear an awful lot about. He’s incredibly decent, very American character of a man Russell Baze. He does absolutely the right thing.”

Bale’s character Russell Baze possesses stoic morale. But, the Hollywood actor insists that levels lie behind his characters silent façade. In order to give an award winning performance Bale reveals that dialogue lies in the silences.

He points out: “A stoic quiet character like Russell, he’s not thinking nothing. They have thoughts; they’re just choosing not to share it.

“If you’re silent in the scene, you have an internal conversation that never stops throughout that scene. What I would often do is I’ll write dialogue for the silence.”

But, despite giving a performance worthy of several awards, the actor reveals he dislikes Hollywood’s award ceremonies.

“I’m into supporting whatever film I’m doing. I just said; ‘you know what guys, I’m really not happy just doing stuff ‘for me’. I’m totally happy doing it for the film, but I just do not feel right about getting into any kind of ’tit for tat which is basically what you’re doing, against other actors.’”

The actor continued his rant stating that he felt playing actors off against each other could undermine their performance.

He said: “’Oh, I’m better than you!’ Come on, let’s not get into any of that! If it happens, it happens.” Adding “I think it also messes up the whole philosophy behind the performance. You’re not meant to do a performance in order to win something right?”

Scott Cooper’s Out Of The Furnace will be on the big screen this Wednesday.