Oldboy remake struggles to reach benchmark

Posted on 29 November 2013
By Charlie Elgar
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With the UK release of Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy coming to our screens on December 6th, rumours have begun to circulate from those who are lucky enough to have seen it.

For any remake, the first concern for viewers is how it will match up to the original – sadly for Spike Lee, he seems to be falling short of Park Chan-wook’s 2003 classic – but honestly, isn’t that what we expected?

When the original was released a decade ago, Park Chan-wook introduced the western world to a unique style of directing and profanity, coupled with an incredibly original storyline in this cut-throat thriller.

It may be said that there are some films that should be left just how they were originally intended – and Oldboy could be one of them.

In arguably one of his biggest roles to date, Josh Brolin snapped up the role of main character Joe Doucett.

But a number of queries have been raised about his character – why he barely seems to age for the 20 years he is locked away for example.

Rather disappointingly, the future looks bleak for the remake of an otherwise outstanding original.