Need for Speed’s Aaron Paul performed own stunts

Posted on 1 March 2014
By Jack Pearson
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Breaking Bad hero Aaron has spoken about his new role in Need For Speed, which is out now, saying he was thrilled with his new badass character and the chance to learn how to drive like a pro.

The Breaking Bad fan base are expected to flock to cinemas this week for Aaron’s first major outing since the show finished, alongside co-star Dominic Cooper for his blockbuster roles, such as Captain America.

Aaron Paul said he was particularly proud that practical effects had been used as oppose to the usual computer generated imagery, and that that was what drew him to the script.

He said: “I was hesitant to even open the script up, if I’m being honest. I thought it was going to be something that it ended up not being, and I was very surprised at the story, and how human it felt.

“I loved the characters, and after talking to the director about how he wanted to shoot the film, and the fact that he didn’t want to use any CGI or green screen, I thought was incredibly brave and exciting.”

Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper claimed to have committed themselves to months of training in order to perform the driving scenes in the film.

Aaron added: “For me, 80 per cent of my stuff was behind the wheel in this film. A lot of it was me and a lot of it was stuntmen making me look like I knew what I was doing.”

Cooper added that the two could not perform their own stunts in scenes in which they drove at 200mph, due to the danger of trying to act and concentrate on driving at the same time.