Minecraft creator and Mojang’s owner Marcus Persson currently in movie discussions with Warner Brothers

Posted on 1 March 2014
By James McAllister
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It has been reported that Warner Brothers have acquired the rights to Mojang’s hugely popular game Minecraft and are currently in discussions to adapt it into a movie.

Capitalising on recent successes, Warner Brothers have drafted in Lego: The Movie producer Roy Lee to manage the project through his studio Vertigo entertainment.

Rumours of a Minecraft movie have been circulating for some time, but suspicions were recently raised when a project to shoot a fan funded movie were shut down on the crowd funding website kick-starter.

Mojang’s owner Marcus Persson recently alluded to the projects go ahead o Twitter saying: “Someone is trying leak the fact that we’re working with Warner Brothers on a potential Minecraft Movie, I wanted to be the leak.”

But, in a more recent statement the eccentric programmer seemed more concerned with net neutrality than quashing the rumours that he is in discussion with Warner Brothers.

“I do not know Warner Brother’s stance on net neutrality, but I can say that they are wonderful people to work with. Just as it would be nice if so called democratic countries didn’t keep secrets from the people supposed to elect the governments, this movie could be very interesting if done right, and I don’t think there’s any better people than Warner Brother to do so.”

Often referred to as the digital Lego, Minecraft has over 100 million registered users and it allows players to build constructs using blocks gathered from an open sandbox world.

There is currently no plot to speak of, but following the recent success of the Lego movie, it is clear that Warner Brothers are keen to capitalise and movie in on the already existent market for the movie.

Are you excited to see Minecraft hit the big screen, or do you think it will go the way of so many other video game adaptations?

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