Matthew McConaughey films – I have the secret to making a good RomCom

Posted on 14 February 2014
By Anna Thygesen
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Hollywood hunk Matthew McConaughey has broken down the secret of his success in RomComs, saying he’s at home baring his body.

Currently starring in the hard hitting HIV drama Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew said that he knows it is his good looks which have helped him win roles.

The Fools Gold star suffered a career setback after early critical acclaim, but has been back on track with a series of RomComs, which have proved to be box office hits.

Dubbed the McConaissance, the actor is now starting to win some eccentric roles, which capitalise on his on screen charisma like his magnetic cameo in The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Magic Mike actor says he’s happy to flex his pecs in roles and that he’s proud of his romantic roles, claiming that making a good RomCom is not easy and many actors can’t do it.

Matthew, 44, said: “Do my good looks help? Absolutely. Does the fact that my body is considered good and we’re gonna have me up there in a shirtless scene help it along? Sure.

“I didn’t ever go: ‘No, no, no.’ I was like: ‘Yeah!’

“I get that. That’s fun. What’s the big deal?

“If you go deep with a RomCom, you sink the ship.

“There’s a buoyancy to the frequency of RomComs. To be liked is always critically looked down upon – it’s willowy, it’s wispy, it’s nothing.

“You know what? It’s f**cking not easy to do and a lot of people don’t do it well.

“A lot of the work in those things is to stay buoyant. To say: ‘Hey, get offa my cloud, man! I’m dancing between the raindrops.”

Dallas Buyers Club is in cinemas now.