Marvel actors Chris Evans and Chris Pratt to partake in Super Bowl wager

Posted on 22 January 2015
By Craig Kell
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With the Super Bowl set to take place in over a week’s time, the stakes are set to get high for two of our favourite Marvel superhero actors.

Captain America’s Chris Evans and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt have spent the past few days involved in a light-hearted Twitter battle over the upcoming event which has finally led to a major bet being made.

Pratt has wagered that if his Seattle Seahawks win, then Evans has to visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed up as his Marvel counterpart Captain America.

Accepting the challenge, Evans responded saying that if his New England Patriots win, then Pratt has to turn up to the charity organisation Christopher’s Haven dressed up as Star-Lord with a Tom Brady t-shirt on.

The fascinating bet will come into place when the Seahawks and the Patriots lock horns at the 49th Super Bowl on 1st February.