Maleficent makes 1.5 million in first week at cinemas

Posted on 31 May 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Maleficent hit cinemas across the UK and Ireland this week and has been an instant hit with Disney and fairytale fans across the country.

The film started it’s showings in cinema this week and invites fans and stars alike to come and watch the real live take on animated classic Sleeping Beauty, told from evil mistress Maleficent’s point of view.

The film stars Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie playing the villain and tells the story of how she came to be the evil fairy that we all know and love, setting a curse on the young princess Aurora as a revenge against the King who seems to be hiding a secret.
Playing alongside Angelina is Elle Fanning who is playing the young princess Aurora and Brenton Thwaites as Prince Phillip.

Trailers have shown us scenes from the film baring resemblance to the animated version and therefore have been getting Disney fans extremely excited in the lead up to the film’s release.

Newly weds Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were even on the guest to see the movie.

Following the amazing success of Frozen, Maleficent made over £1.5 million in the box office in it’s first week which only shows how popular this film is going to be while it’s in cinemas.

With such popular ratings already, the film is already Angelina’s biggest opening in the UK. ‘

Disney’s global head of distribution, Dave Hollis said “When you have the world’s most iconic movie actress in a role she has such a passion for, it can make the movie feel like an event. It comes through in the performance. It’s given us the potential to tap into the cultural zeitgeist the way Frozen did, and become that thing that everyone needs to see.”

Maleficent is in cinemas now all over the country.