Lone Survivor movie: cast admit hardest task was doing the SEALs justice

Posted on 7 December 2013
By Charlie Elgar
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Based on the failed June 28th 2005 mission “Operation Red Wings”, Lone Survivor is a tragic drama showing the true story of the Navy SEAL team that were ambushed in Afghanistan, leaving numerous Americans dead with only one survivor.

With the cast portraying the real SEAL’s that were present during the ambush, Mark Wahlberg and co. admitted that their hardest task was doing the men justice, particularly in terms of mirroring the strength and character they showed with enough conviction and authenticity.

Director Peter Berg said: “All of these soldiers had mums and dads and brothers and sisters and widows.

“I knew that at one point when this film was done, I was going to be in a screening room with those families and the lights were going to come up, and those family members were going to look me in the eye and they were going to let me know very clearly whether I got it right or not…”

The cast said there was huge weight on their shoulders when filming, with Alexander Ludwig who plays Shane Patton adding that the pressure is increased “when you’re telling a story that’s not only true but ended in a really horrible way”.

This gritty and emotional story is rumoured to be one of Wahlberg’s greatest and most powerful performances, but with a release date towards the end of January we must wait to see if Peter Berg and his cast have done the Navy SEAL’s a well-deserved justice, or if the film is a disappointing re-enactment of a real-life tragedy.